Under eye shadowing is something that women try to avoid. The appearance of dark circles tends to have multiple causes, some of which cannot be prevented. Under eye shadowing can result from genetics, a fast-paced lifestyle, or just develop with age.

While we may not be able to banish them forever, The Brow Bar Founder, Chernae Silk, has come up with the answer for hiding those pesky under eye shadows – it begins with your brows.

Chernae notes that, “Rounded, half moon shaped brows can act like a mirror and actually reflect the darkness and lines under our eyes.” A customized Brow-Lift Shaping by our specially trained Arch Angels can assist in avoiding such a shape.

Our founder also teaches that there is one golden rule you must follow when it comes to concealer – less is more. Also, be careful not to put too much pressure on the skin as you apply because this just moves the concealer around, creating gaps in the coverage.

If you find there is still not enough coverage for you, you can try a concealer with coloured undertones that suit your skin type, or even use a tinted primer for that little bit of extra coverage. Our Brow Bar Tinted Primer come in a range of shades to suit your tone, and is moisturizer based so it nourishes your skin.

For professional advice on how to best apply makeup to suit your features, book a makeup lesson with one of our beautiful Arch Angels; they are always more than happy to pass on amazing techniques for our clients.