Brows are trending: not only does a high quality brow treatment make you feel fantastic, but also with the right sculpting and colour, eyebrows have the ability to shape your entire face. At The Brow Bar, we pride ourselves on our team of Arch Angels, who are specially trained and dedicated to perfecting the arch, colour and consistency of the brow. We want our clients to invest in their brows, in order to feel more confident and youthful. Following five basic tips after your experience will keep your brows healthy and free from irritation, or unusual breakouts.

However, what many people forget is the post-brow treatment, and how important it is to know exactly how to care for the waxed area. At The Brow Bar, we want to stress the importance of aftercare treatment. So, we have devised our top five tips for keeping those eyebrows in sharp shape.

1. We always recommend the use of mineral makeup

If you need to wear makeup over the next 48 hours, we recommend using only mineral makeup to reduce the chance of clogging open pores. However, if it is an option, try wearing no makeup at all.

2. Try not to touch the waxed area

Post-wax, your pores are open and vulnerable to bacteria entering the skin. Avoid touching the exposed area to safely steer clear of unwanted irritations or pimples.

3. Do not exfoliate

The treated area is usually quite sensitive after treatment. Any heavy exfoliation will be harmful to such sensitivity, so we recommend avoiding using products that have exfoliations beads or coarse texture!

4. Wear sunscreen

Freshly waxed skin is especially vulnerable to sun damage, and while we always recommend the use of SPF 15 or higher in products, it is especially important to protect your face after a wax.

5. Avoid going to the gym or sauna

Sweating after a brow wax can cause inflammation of the follicles and irritate the skin, so avoid working out back until the skin has had a chance to recover.

We work so hard to find the perfect shape and colour for our eyebrows, and after a premier brow experience with The Brow Bar, it is also essential to dedicate some time to the post-treatment care.