As the old saying goes, ‘less is more’, and this is no different when applying concealer. If you currently struggle to conceal dark circles under your eyes, or are forever failing at hiding fine lines, slight altering in your technique of applying concealer may alleviate this problem.

Chernae Silk, Founder and Director of The Brow Bar, has noticed that many women don’t realise that less is always more when it comes to this beauty product. She says that, ‘If you are a Mum like me, with two young boys, you may feel inclined to plaster concealer and foundation everywhere – but don’t! This will only age you more!’

So, what is the right technique to achieve a perfect skin tone? And how can you accomplish a smooth, flawless finish? Chernae has found that it comes down to the right method.

Concealer Application Method

Firstly, it is important to recognise the condition of your skin. If the eye area is a little dry, you can use a small amount of moisturiser before applying your primer to smooth the surface.

Then, use your concealer sparingly over the eye area, making sure to always blend outwards for a flawless finish.

Next, apply your foundation before using your concealer again, but this time it will be to cover any blemishes; keeping it light and natural is the aim.

At The Brow Bar, our Arch Angels are taught how to perfectly apply concealer, which they pass onto our clients. We also offer makeup lessons using our specially created Face Lift-Makeup. Here, clients can really perfect the right makeup application technique.

We recommend booking in with one of our Arch Angels to learn how to completely perfect the best concealer application, and so much more!